Stylish Camping Geo Design Mat 8'x11'


  • The reversible mat is functional and versatile indoors and outdoors, including living rooms, patios, RVs, camping, picnics, and beaches.
  • Its material is high-quality virgin polypropylene, a recyclable substance that is eco-friendly.
  • The woven structure of the mat is durable and breathable, making it harmless on grass and wooden decks.
  • Its reversible colors can redecorate any look with a simple flip.
  • The colors will not fade since the material is UV-resistant.
  • Cleaning is easy by sweeping with a broom or spraying with water.
  • The woven structure allows quick drying.
  • There are loops at each corner to secure the mat in place using stakes.
  • The mat is lightweight and portable and includes a carry bag.


Open Size: 8-ft x 11-ft
Available Color: Black/White

SKU: TD8111