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Where is the mat made?
Our mats are designed in the USA and manufactured in China.

What is the material of the mat?
The material is made of recycled polypropylene.

Can I get the crease to go away?
Yes, lay the mat with flat and heavy items on top for an extended period.

How do I clean the mat?
It’s easy to clean, you can just sweep and spray with water.

Are the mats waterproof?
Yes, all mats are waterproof.

Can I spray water on my LED mat?
Yes, the LEDs are inside a cord so don't worry about damaging it.

How are the LED mats powered?
The LED cord can be plugged into the included adapter where it can be plugged into an outlet.

Does the mat come with stakes?
No, there are no stakes included.

Where can I buy the mat?
Our mats are available online on Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and our Stylish Camping site.

Can the mat be cut or trimmed?
No, it is not recommended because the material will unravel since it's made of polypropylene plastic strands that are woven together.

Does the mat have tabs at the corners to stake down?
Yes, the mat has loops at each corner.

Where can I use my mat?
It can be used inside your home, on your patio, at the beach, on the grass for picnic or events, outside your RV, and for camping.

Is the mat heavy?
The mat is lightweight and compact. It folds easily for storage or easy transport.

Is there a carrying bag included?
Yes, all mats include a free carrying bag.

Can you roll the mat?
Yes, it can be rolled or folded.

Is the mat UV resistant?
Yes, it is coated with UV protection against sun exposure to prevent colors from fading.

Does the mat get hot in the sun?
The mat can get warm but not hot. It is designed with a woven structure that makes it breathable and safe.


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