150 Lumens Natural White 921 Wedge Base LED Single Dome Light Fixture


The LED single dome light fixture is built with the finest LED lighting technology and materials. Its wide range voltage is designed to withstand RV power fluctuations. The bulbs are low heat, safe to touch, and instantly bright. It is energy-efficient and eco-friendly with a long life expectancy.

Product Specifications:

  • 921 Wedge Base
  • 11-18 volts DC including 12VDC
  • 150 Lumens
  • Natural White color
  • 1.9 power watts
  • 36 High Power 3528 SMD LEDs
  • Beam pattern of 120 degrees
  • Color temperature of 4000-4500K
  • Life expectancy of 100,000 hours
  • Item weighs 6 ounces

This product does not contain mercury or emit ultraviolet (UV) light.

SKU: 9090106